Liability by Yutree – A new BIBA scheme

BIBA schemes are in place to provide BIBA members with a wide range of useful and good quality insurance products to help you to win, retain and service clients. Yutree Underwriting are delighted to have launched a new BIBA scheme – Liability by Yutree.

Our product provides general liability cover with a focus on simplifying quirky and unconventional liability risks. From reading groups to funeral directors to chicken brokers, healthcare providers, societies and zoos! We really can consider a diverse range of trades.

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What are we looking for?

Stand-alone liability business including public, products and employers liability.

With a minimum premium of £150 + ipt and no upper limit on turnover we can accommodate one man bands through to multi-million pound operations.

“I have used Yutree’s scheme and the staff were extremely efficient, professional and were able to place the exact cover that my client requested at a very competitive price” – Academy Insurance Brokers Ltd

Case Study

A risk was presented to us by a broker where their client ran an association for local beekeepers. The association meet, exchange ideas, hold events and sell a small amount of their produce at local markets. The client wanted their broker to arrange cover for the liabilities of the association. They needed to consider injuries to employees/volunteers, injuries to third parties or damage to property belonging to third parties arising from their activities and the sale of their products. Some typical insurer responses to such an enquiry:

  • “We don’t understand the exposure” – no quote
  • “It is too small for us to consider” – no quote
  • “Please use our e-trade facility”  There is no option for ‘beekeepers association’ in the online/e-trade drop down menu – no quote

We quoted a minimum premium of £150 + ipt which met all of their current liability insurance requirements and placed the cover issuing documentation the same day.

Why use Liability by Yutree?

As well as having underwriters on-hand to talk to about your risks, some of the other benefits of the scheme include:

  • Fast quote turnaround
  • No proposal form required
  • Standard & Poor’s A+ rated security
  • Flexible underwriting including being able to consider:
    • Overseas workers, Bartoline extensions, multiple trades, Financial Loss extensions etc
  • Overseas exports including North America
  • £10m employers liability and up to £10m public and products liability
  • No administration or policy fees
  • Exclusive quotes
  • 16% commission across all sections

Click here for our agency application and Terms of Business Agreement
Click here for a copy of our wording

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