Liability quotes in 24 hours with new binder for Yutree

We announced, back in August, that we had been approved as coverholders by Lloyd’s of London. Since then we have been working on a binder with insurers and we are now delighted to announce the launch of our contractors binder backed by Lloyd’s.

Coverholder at Lloyd's

What does this mean for our brokers?

We will still be writing the same business that we have been i.e.

  • General liability
  • Contractors’ liability
  • Contractors’ all risks (CAR)

As well as general liability, we are now able to underwrite contractors liability and CAR risks, up to a premium of £10,000, and issue documentation without referral to insurers. This will significantly improve our service standards to our brokers.

“We have been delighted in the ability of everyone at Yutree to provide solutions for our construction clients. They are always keen to find a way to deal with difficult cover issues and are always happy to pick up the phone and discuss the details which matter to us as a broker. If only everyone in the market could offer the same!” 

Hard hats over industry - shutterstock


With full binding authority from insurers on general non-contracting and contracting liabilities we are able to make the following service promise to our brokers:

  • Quotes will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt as far as is reasonably practicable
  • When cover is incepted, documents will be issued immediately with the confirmation of cover

“Every day we’re saying, ‘How can we keep the customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?’… because if we don’t, somebody else will.”Bill Gates

So, why use Yutree?

  • A+ rated security
  • 24 hour quote response time
  • Immediate document issue
  • Access to underwriters who can make a decision
  • No policy fees
  • Exclusive quotes
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Extensions available including financial loss, Bartoline, overseas workers, JCT 6.5.1……

And, on top of all of that we provide you and your colleagues with regular technical advice and briefings via this blog to help you to advise your clients on their liability and contractors’ cover requirements. Here are a few from the archives:

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