Yutree Completes Transformational New Liability Capacity Deal

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new binding authority liability product backed by Endurance Lloyd’s Syndicate 5151. This product replaces our existing BIBA Liability scheme backed by W.R. Berkley along with our other liability facilities.

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What does this mean for brokers?

As Coverholders at Lloyd’s we have been able to partner with Endurance to provide a flexible solution for employers, public and products liability business. With increased capacity and underwriting authority, we are able to underwrite much more of your business in-house offering a fast turnaround on quotes and a much wider risk appetite with rates for over 600 trades. Coupled with market leading cover and with the strong financial backing of Lloyd’s, Liability by Yutree now offers you and your clients so much more.

Coverholder at Lloyd's

“The Yutree Liability scheme has proved very popular with the BIBA membership since its inception in September 2015. The new capacity will further enhance the capabilities of the scheme with many more trades now being able to be catered for, whilst maintaining a  simple and straightforward placement process” – Steve White, Chief Executive, British Insurance Brokers Association

What can we write?

  • Contractors liability for most types of contractor
  • General liability risks including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, leisure, food and drink, freight and transport and clubs and associations and much more
  • Property owners liability for landowners, communal areas, building plots etc

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Why use Yutree?

  • Low minimum premiums of £150 + ipt
  • 600+ trades can be considered
  • Flexible underwriting including being able to accommodate overseas workers, Bartoline extensions, multiple trades, overseas exports etc.
  • Fast quote turnaround
  • No administration or policy fees
  • 15% commission across all sections
  • Standard & Poor’s A rated security
  • Exclusive quotes

If you would like a quote or to discuss any of the above, please feel free to call me on 01638 675992/07712 427988 or e-mail me on laura.high@yutree.com

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A brand new product – Hauliers Liability by Yutree

We are delighted to launch our brand new product, Hauliers Liability by Yutree.

In partnership with Aviva, Yutree are bringing you access to our exclusive hauliers liability product providing employers, public and products liability cover for your haulage, removal and courier clients.

We have a long history of underwriting haulage business and can help you to win and retain business in this sector with our service, advice, cover and premiums.


Whether your client is an owner operator or managing a larger fleet we are providing a liability solution to deal with the compensation claims which they may be faced with in the course of running their business. From an employee accident at work to third party property damage, it is vital that your client can be confident that all claims will be dealt with swiftly. The transport industry is one which simply must keep moving therefore we provide peace of mind that all legal liabilities are covered by people who really understand the sector.

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Why deal with Yutree for your hauliers liability requirements?

  • Excellent financial security
  • Exclusive quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • No proposal forms
  • £250 third party property damage excess
  • 15% commission
  • Rating based on wages and turnover
  • Flexible and logical approach to underwriting
  • Minimum premiums of £350 + ipt
  • Excess PL/Prods layers available

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If you would like to discuss a risk, find out more or get a quote then please do get in touch with me or one of the team on 01638 675992 or laura.high@yutree.com

Thank you for your continued support.




Why use Liability by Yutree?

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In partnership with BIBA we are providing members with an employers, public and products liability product designed for one man bands through to multi-million pound operations. As well as for general commercial businesses, we provide liability cover for risks which may not fit on-line solutions and which require an underwriter to consider the exposures. This flexible product along with access to underwriters and a straightforward and efficient service offering is proving very popular with brokers and their clients.


As a broker, looking for a liability quote for a trade which doesn’t appear in a drop down menu or if a risk is small or new, is not always easy and can take up half of your day. We want to provide you with a fast and easy solution for these risks with quick quotes and documents issued the same day that cover is instructed.

If you’d like a quotation or to discuss any aspect of trading with Yutree then please give me or one of the team a call on 01638 675992 or 07712 427988 or e-mail me at laura.high@yutree.com

Click here to have a look at our website and find out more

And click here to see our entry on BIBA’s new website

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Employers Liability for volunteers, students, sub-contractors, one-man bands – When is it required?

As liability specialists we are often asked to explain when Employers Liability Cover is required under the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 (‘the Act’). It is the nuances of the rules which clients can misunderstand. Here we provide some clarity around those grey areas to assist you in your discussions with your clients.

Employers Liability Insurance covers a company for liability for damages in respect of bodily injury, death or disease caused to employees arising out of and in the course of their employment by the insured. All Employers Liability policies are required by law to carry a minimum limit of indemnity of £5m for any one claim. It is industry standard for cover to be issued with a £10m limit – work carried out offshore &/or with asbestos is an exception to this and is normally limited to £5m. Your client is responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. The Health and Safety Executive is the enforcement authority for Employers Liability insurance compliance. Your client’s business may be fined up to £2,500 for any day they trade without suitable insurance.

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What is the definition of an employee?

Whether or not your client needs Employers Liability insurance depends on the terms of their employment contract. This can be spoken, written or implied. It is the nature of the relationship with the people who work for them and the degree of control that they have over the work that they do which defines how they should be treated for insurance purposes.

One area which is commonly misunderstood by clients is around insuring sub-contractors. Your client will employ sub-contractors on one of two bases:

Labour only Sub-Contractors (LOSC) – LOSCs work under your clients’ supervision and direction. Your client will supply materials and tools. The LOSC is paid wages by the main contractor and is classed as an employee for whom your client should buy Employers Liability insurance

Bona Fide Sub-Contractors (BFSC) – BFSC work under their own supervision and direction. They will provide their own materials and tools. They are generally employed to carry out a specialist/particular type of work within a job (i.e. scaffolding/plumbing etc). The BFSC should have their own liability insurance in place and it is important that your client always checks this for their own protection. If the BFSC’s insurance fails, your client is required to provide contingent cover. If there is an accident and a BFSC is injured and their own employers liability cover fails, your client could be responsible for a claim under their public liability section. Your client does not need to buy Employer’s Liability insurance for BFSC.

So does my client really need the cover?

Your client must have Employers Liability insurance if they have employees unless they are exempt. The following employers are exempt:

  • Most public organisations including government departments and agencies, local authorities, policy authorities and nationalised industries;
  • Health service bodies, including National Health Service trusts, health authorities, primary care trusts and Scottish health boards;
  • Some other organisations which are financed through public funds, such as passenger transport executives and magistrates’ courts committees.

Your client is obliged to insure Employers Liability where:

  • They deduct NI and income tax from the money they pay employees;
  • They have the right to control where and when their employees work and how they do it;
  • They supply their employees work materials and equipment;
  • They have a right to the profit their workers make;
  • They require that person only to deliver the service and they cannot employ a substitute if they are unable to do the work;
  • Their employees are treated in the same way as other employees, for example, they do the same work under the same conditions as someone else they employ;
  • Their employees work for them on an unpaid basis whether they are students, volunteers, interns or other helpers;
  • Their employees are students, on a work experience programme, or taking part in a training programme

Your client may not need employers’ liability insurance where:

  • Their employees do not work exclusively for them (for example, if they operate as an independent contractor);
  • Their employees supply most of the equipment and materials they need to do the job;
  • Their employees are clearly in business for their own personal benefit;
  • Their employees can employ a substitute when they are unable to do the work themselves;
  • Their employees are all close family members (this exemption only applies if the company is not incorporated as Ltd company)
  • They do not deduct income tax or national insurance. However, even if someone is self-employed for tax purposes they may be classed as an employee for other reasons and your client may still need employers’ liability insurance to cover them
  • The company employs only their owner where that employee also owns 50% or more of the issued share capital in the company

If you have any questions, please contact me on 01638 675992 or laura.high@yutree.com or speak to one of our team here at Yutree.

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Awards and new staff for Yutree

As the dust settles following the excitement of Yutree’s double award scoop on Friday night at the Newmarket & District Chamber of Commerce business awards, we are delighted to start the week welcoming a new member of staff to our growing underwriting team. Contact details are below for your information.

Yutree were delighted to win the Small to Medium Business Award and Creativity in Business Award on Friday. We are hugely grateful to all of our staff, brokers and customers for making Yutree what it is today. At 3 years old, Yutree is very proud of what it has achieved and we are delighted to be recognised locally with these awards. We look forward to many more years of trading ahead.

Receiving the award - Jun 2015
(From left to right) Leigh Smart/the nice lady presenting our award/Laura High/Simon Miller & Kevin Hancock


Awards - June 2015
The proof!


 “Yutree is obviously a well-rounded business, with a clear vision, growing revenue and profits & extensive knowledge of its sector.  For a relatively new business it is already performing extremely well in a crowded marketplace” – Judges’ comments at the Newmarket & District Chamber of Commerce business awards, 5th June 2015

And today we welcome Sara Culling to our underwriting team. Sara joins us from Saffron Insurance Brokers and she will be working within our underwriting business on our brokers’ new and existing policies so, you will be hearing from her once she is up and running.

UW team
The very ‘willing’ impromptu photo shoot participants! – (From left to right) Danielle Rairigh/Liberty Anderson and Sara Culling


Updated contact details for our underwriting team are as follows:

Laura High: T: 01638 675992 M: 07712 427988 E: laura.high@yutree.com

Danielle Rairigh: T: 01638 675995 E: danielle.rairigh@yutree.com

Liberty Anderson: T: 01638 675996 E: liberty.anderson@yutree.com

Sara Culling: T: 01638 675998 E: sara.culling@yutree.com

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Kind regards


Market Focus

We understand that, as a broker, it is vital that you really get your clients and what they do. We get what it is to be a broker. We have developed a proposition for brokers which we have coined as “refreshingly traditional.” We have replaced computer-driven responses with actual people. We are here to discuss your client’s risks, to understand their exposures and to provide sound insurance solutions. We want to help you to deal with the curve balls thrown by your clients when they take on a complex contract late on a Friday or require cover for an exciting new business starting today! We will give you someone to talk to. It’s a simple philosophy but one which we believe in.

“That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” – Steve Jobs

From time to time we hear, “the client went with a name they knew” as a reason for not winning a piece of business. We understand that and we want to share our reasons for choosing the insurer partners that we have to help you and your sales process.

Not all insurers are good at all classes of business. Not all insurers share our philosophy and not all insurers offer great cover, a global reach, strong financial security and a history of insuring risks which spans the last 327 years.

2014 was an outstanding year for the Lloyd’s market with profits of £3.2bn. The combined ratio was 88.1% and return on capital was 14.7%. The capital position was further strengthened with net assets of £23.5bn. Lloyd’s ratings were reaffirmed at A+ with Standard & Poor’s, A with A.M. Best and upgraded to AA- with Fitch Ratings.


Lloyd’s has an impressive history. From it’s beginnings in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house in 1688, Lloyd’s has been pioneering in insurance ever since. Your clients can have every confidence that Lloyd’s can meet all valid claims. How can they make this statement? Well, here’s how Lloyd’s manage and use your clients’ premiums:

  • All premiums received by syndicates (£45,139m*) are held in trust as the first resource for paying your clients’ claims. Until all liabilities have been provided for, no profits can be released
  • Each member must provide sufficient capital to support their underwriting at Lloyd’s The capital (£15,704m*) is held in trust for the benefit of policyholders
  • Lloyd’s central assets (£2,578m*) are available at the discretion of the Council of Lloyd’s to meet any valid claim that can not be met by either of the above

*all figures above are as at 31st December 2014

This financial strength is just one of the reasons that Yutree Underwriting have partnered with Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s will continue to be at the forefront of insuring a world threatened by global terrorism, economic uncertainty and climate change. Against a backdrop of several unrated insurers failing in recent years, as your clients’ trusted advisers, recommending Lloyd’s of London should not be a difficult decision.


“It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now.” ~ David Attenborough

Have a look at Yutree Underwriting’s partners at Lloyd’s:

ProSight Specialty Insurance
C V Starr

Outside of Lloyd’s we also partner with:

W R Berkley

We write employers, public and products liability and contractors all risks and plant insurance with these markets focusing on their individual specialisms and niches to ensure that we are offering you the right market for your clients’ risks. If you would like to know more about our Lloyd’s and non-Lloyd’s markets then please do get in touch with me on 01636 675992 or e-mail me at laura.high@yutree.com

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Thank you, as always, for your continued support.